About CA@50 Million

By 2050, California will be home to 50 million residents. At the same time, California is taking steps to accommodate this growth while also protecting the natural resources, growing the economy, and building healthy, sustainable communities for all Californians. California @ 50 Million is an initiative to look at the State’s long-term goals and measure our progress in meeting them.

California is leading the way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from energy, transportation, and other sources. California is already experiencing the impacts of a changing climate. These changes include more extreme events, shifts in habitat, and higher average temperatures. California is leading the way in understanding changes underway, expected in the future, and preparing.

By growing in a thoughtful manner that is in line with the State’s long-term goals, California in 2050 will achieve:

  • A strong, resilient economy,
  • Thriving urban areas, prosperous rural regions,
  • A clean environment and healthy and resilient natural systems,
  • A clean and efficient energy system, and
  • Efficient and sound infrastructure.